About CHS

Chadwick Haverland Studios is a full service art studio serving hardcore collectors while also collaborating with exclusive events, athletes, entertainers and marketing, merchandising and memorabilia clients throughout the world. Along with being highly sought after by many collectors around the world, CHS's array of work, formats, and services also provide clients with the resources needed to create effective creative visual campaigns and new revenue opportunities through art.

Whether it's capturing an expression, a spectacular play or that cherished moment in entertainment, CHS's work captures the emotion and detail in a way that gives it a style all it's own.

Artist Bio

Since establishing his studio in 2007, Chadwick has specialized in executing commissions and creating highly detailed illustrations for a wide range of clientele and events throughout the world. Notable projects and events Chadwick has contributed to include: Marshall Faulk and Deion Sanders' NFL Hall of Fame Induction Celebration auction, Larry Fitzgerald's "Celebrity Server" event at Mortons, AMC's The Walking Dead Trading card product, various MARVEL trading card products and the "Extraordinary: Stan Lee" tribute event hosted by Chris Hardwick

From an early age Chadwick knew he wanted to be an artist. As a kid he worked to develop his talents, was accepted to the Art Instruction School in Minneapolis, MN and studied illustration via vocational training while in high school.  Later, he studied graphic design and marketing at the Art Institute of Phoenix. He then began his career in the traditional fashion as a freelance illustrator. He began small, but was able to create lasting relationships that gave him a very unique perspective. From athletes to business personnel, he worked day in and day out to find the right companies and connect with key people that fit his vision. He did all of this on top of creating amazing pieces of art that alone is enough to bring him success. Today, Chadwick focuses on expanding his versatility as an artist while working on many projects throughout entertainment, sports and comics. He also works to connect with collectors and expand his studio's reach through online social media and exhibiting at various events throughout the U.S. 

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events.

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Looking to commission work or inquire for an event? Chadwick has limited availability for private commissions due to his commercial and contracted work but has openings throughout the year. Feel free to contact us to discuss scheduling up custom work or show appearances.

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